Essex – Business Rates Bills Issued: Now claim £13.7 million from governement claims Essex FSB

Essex FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) is urging small businesses in Essex, Havering and Redbridge to make sure they claim an estimated £13.7 million owed to them by the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Chairman of the Essex Region of the FSB, Iain Wicks, said: “In the next week or so businesses will start receiving their business rate bills for 2009-2010 and all will see an increase in the amount they are being asked to pay.

“Although the bills are issued by local councils the rate is set by central Government and for small businesses has increased by more than five per cent from 4.50p in the pound to 48.1p in the pound

“It is sad that the Government felt it had to increase business rates during a time of economic difficulty for small businesses especially as it already takes in business rates three times as much as any other European Union countries and much more than in the United States of America.

“Essex FSB is working with all local councils in Essex, Havering and Redbridge as we all agree that during these times of economic difficulty it is important that small businesses get the reliefs they are entitled to as the money they save is spent locally employing and paying staff, providing training and investing for the future of the business

“Here in Essex many councils have successfully increased the number of eligible businesses claiming their Small Business Rate Relief and with 59.7 per cent claiming across the county we are well above the national average claim rate but that still leaves around 10,000 businesses which are eligible for this relief which are not claiming and between them are missing out on up to £13.7 million.

“That money simply gets swallowed up by the Treasury and we believe it would be far better in the bank accounts of Essex small businesses

“Businesses can receive as much as £1,250 back per year simply by completing a single sided A4 form which is available on line – claiming now means no further claims are needed until a new rating valuation list is published so those few minutes completing the application could be worth £2,500 over the next two years!

“We want to see all eligible businesses receiving their relief and are pleased that local councils will step up the campaign to encourage eligible businesses in their area to claim up to half their business rates back!”

More details on the Small Business Rate Relief which can save businesses upon to half their business rates are available from or on

Council Total Eligible 2008 Total Claiming 2008 Percentage Claiming 2008 Percentage Claiming 2007 Number Not Claiming 2008 Max value of unclaimed relief 2008
Chelmsford 1241 1124 90.6 68 117 146,250
Colchester 1687 1423 84.3 31 264 330,000
Rochford 883 694 78.6 59 189 236,250
Brentwood 647 508 78.5 34 139 173,750
Tendring 5765 4428 76.8 60 1337 1,671,250
Havering 1430 1087 76.0 N/A 343 428, 750
Braintree 1603 1022 63.8 26 581 726,250
Basildon 1470 896 61.0 27 574 717,500
Epping Forest 2391 1082 45.3 40 1,309 1,636,250
Castle Point 1551 694 44.7 42 857 1,071,250
Maldon 1626 700 43.1 38 926 1,157,500
Southend-on-Sea 4070 1719 42.2 38 2351 2,938,750
Harlow 878 285 32.5 20 593 741,250
Thurrock 2035 616 30.3 23 1419 1,773,750
Total 27,277 16,278 59.7 10,999 £13,748,750


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