“Thurrock Businesses leave £433,000 with Chancellor”

56% of businesses in Thurrock, Essex have failed to claim small business rate relief  leaving £433,000 with the Chancellor of the Exchequer the Federation of Small Businesses has said. The money not claimed dates back as far to April 2007 and these business only have until Thursday 30th September to make a claim.

The spokesman for the Thurrock FSB Ross Bannister has said ”

“A survey from Leaseholders United published this week shows that 56 per cent of businesses in Thurrock entitled to claim Small Business Rate Relief have failed to do so.

“That is one of the highest levels of unclaimed rate relief of any council in Essex and places Thurrock in 41st place nationally out of 303 local councils in a league table where being near the top is bad news for local businesses!

“This means Thurrock has one of the highest proportions of unclaimed rate relief of any council in Essex which is not good news and we want those remaining 906 businesses to get their relief too.

“Between them those businesses are handing back to the Chancellor of the Exchequer a staggering £433,359 – money which we believe would be far better spent supporting the Thurrock economy which is why we are encouraging them to make their claim today.

“Small Business Rate Relief is available for firms in premises with a rateable value below £18,000 and can mean a saving of up to half their business rates which is a considerable sum.

“That saving can be claimed at any time for the current year but if firms wish to claim back as far as 01 April 2007 they must do so before the deadline of Thursday 30 September 2010.

“The claim form is one of the simplest produced by Government and is one side of A4 to complete with basic questions about the premises a business occupies so 15 minutes completing that form could earn a business up to £3,000!

“More details and application forms are available from the local council or can be downloaded at www.businessraterelief.co.uk


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